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Pest Control


Some of the common pests that may be in your residence or business may be  Roaches, Spiders, beetles, Silverfish, Earwigs, Millipedes, ants species, and flies. Our services include identification of the pest, a thorough inspection of property, setting up a plan of action which includes items that the homeowner may do achieve pest control success, and  treating the area for the pest.  Eco-friendly solutions are also available by request.



Termites produce on average $5 billion dollars worth of damage to homes in the United States. If left untreated this minuscule pest can cause major damage to all wood components of your property. Our team will identify the type of termite and any possible entry routes into the home. These two aspects are super important when treating termites since the success of the initial treatment and safeguarding against the return of the termites will depend on it. Our team will termite-proof the home and treat the existing termites.

Rodent Exclusion


Rats and mice not only can carry disease but cause major damage to the property and eat food and belongings that are within the property.  Our team provides a comprehensive service that includes the identification of the point of entry by performing an extensive inspection of the property, addressing this point of entry, giving recommendations for the future, and either baiting or trapping the rodents depending on the owner’s desires. 

Animal Trap


Even within the urban area of Houston wild animals do find their way into homes and businesses. These can be dangerous or cause damage to the property. We have seen it all over the years and have plenty of experience trapping and removing these wild animals alive or dead. We also clean up, repair, and sanitize the area if necessary. 

WDI Inspection


Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (WDI) and treatment. Due to the climate not only are there several species of termites in the area there are other wood-destroying insects that cause damage to property and infrastructure.  A WDI can be performed so that the homeowner may have peace of mind that these insects are not present.  If WDI is present our team can determine the best method to address the WDI and provide any suggestions to help mitigate any future infestations.

Sanitizer & Disinfectant


As we all know in the past couple of years there is a need to sanitize and disinfect a property. Because of the extensive experience that pest control companies have with a variety of chemicals and sanitation after the exclusion of pests, we now provide the service of sanitation and disinfection against bacteria and viruses in businesses and residences. Our status as a certified pest control company allows us to be able to access very effective chemicals for the disinfection of surfaces against a wide amount of danger.

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